Grainger is being totally negative

ShhhGrainger is saying ‘no’ to re-running the exhibition at Fleet Meadow Community Centre for the benefit of residents living in Millbrook and Northbourne. Grainger is saying ‘no’ to extending the deadline for comment from this Thursday.

This is despite the fact that local residents and Councillors have contacted Grainger’s with this request.

Don’t Grainger want as many people as possible to see their exciting scheme? Don’t they want to give as many people as possible the chance to ask questions of their army of consultants? Don’t they want as much feedback as possible? Hey, we’ll even pay to hire the hall!

But so far Grainger is refusing to re run the exhibition and or extend the deadline.

Here’s what Grainger said at the Exhibition held in East Hagbourne:
“Grainger has a track record of working in Oxfordshire and will bring a real commitment to sustainability, social inclusion, community and stakeholder involvement.”

Does anyone feel particularly involved right now?

But while they are not involving you, you can still get involved.Go to Look at the proposals. And tell them what you think of them.

By Thursday of course.

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