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Comment_nowIf Grainger does not want to hear your views about their inner city style housing scheme for 170 dwellings, then South Oxfordshire District Council certainly does.

As we revealed last week Grainger has asked SODC for a ‘Screening Opinion’. If they are successful it will be a green light for Grainger to submit a Planning Application. This will take them one big bulldozer closer to their ultimate objective. If SODC decide that a serious Environmental Impact Assessment is required we will get what we have been seeking – a proper analysis of the principles of the proposal before we get to the detail of any application.  This will also serve to delay Grainger’s unseemly rush to cash in on this land. 

However, it depends on SODC hearing your views.  And we know that you have them! if you want some ammo, take a look at Grainger’s proposals at or the Screening Opinion documents on the SODC website. Look in the ‘Application’ folder and you will find a document from Grainger’s agent Savills. This contains some contentious stuff you might want to consider. In their conclusion they claim that:

“The proposal would not result in significant environmental impacts in respect of traffic generation, landscape, ecology or heritage and the scale of development …[and]… the proposed development is not likely to lead to significant environmental impacts.”

You may disagree!

Registering a response could not be easier. Click the link and click the comment now button and let fly.

We all have a week to make this (not) happen.

PS: Both the Parish Council and the Campaign have submitted objections. You can see what we have to say by clicking here.

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