Lets get started. Let’s work together.

Ed Vaizey on the Green Gap-083-EditEd Vaizey visited the Green Gap this morning.

He was impressed by what he called on Twitter the “huge turnout”.

Ed listened attentively to the issues – and was particularly concerned that should the Grainger plan go through that the land controlled by Nurton would be next.

Fleet Meadow residents let Ed know in no uncertain terms that this is a town as much as a village issue – and Ed promised to get Didcot Town Council engaged.

In a golden moment Mr. Powell described the exceptional quality of the Gap’s soil that he farms and Ed seemed genuinely touched.

Ed explained how important it was for SODC to stick to the plan – and said he would work to get projects on land allocated in the local plan up and running.

On leaving Ed gave us something to savour.

Ed Vaizey on the Green Gap-178

‘Lets get started’, he said, ‘Lets work together’. Thanks Ed.

[Update: A few days after his visit Ed unequivocally pledged his support for the campaign. His press release is here].

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