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The ideal solution

radioEd Vaizey took questions from Mind the Green Gap on BBC Radio Oxford this morning.

In an answer to our questions he said “The ideal solution for me is to have a local plan that says where houses should go and then to get on and build the houses where we said they should be built”.

We could not agree more Ed.

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Ed’s coming to the gap

Green WelliesEd Vaizey is visiting the Green Gap on Friday 21st August, at 11.30am. He is keen to meet as many concerned residents as possible so please do come along.

This is a chance for you to articulate your concerns to our local MP. I am sure you all have plenty so say – but if you want a reminder of the key points have a look at the Issues page.

It would be great if Ed left with a clear idea of how much we object to Grainger’s plans – and better still if he decides to lend us his support.

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What’s the rush?

Times_clipThe fields between Didcot and East Hagbourne have grown food for thousands of years. They could be under concrete in a just a few short months.

Are you were wondering why Grainger are in such a hurry? Have a look at this interesting bit of news that surfaced this weekend.

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Thank you

cakeThank you for over 50 responses to the EIA request. Thank you for over 100 Facebook likes. Thank you for a stack of letters on Ed Vaizey’s desk. Thank you for countless emails of support. Thank you for the cake.

The campaign is less than a month old but it’s already time to celebrate. Celebrate that we are working together to stop Grainger’s plans.


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Tell the truth

Kids_protestHere’s what Grainger’s John Beresford had to say in today’s Didcot Herald: “The comments received in support and objection are being reviewed, and will form part of the Statement of Community Involvement to be included within a planning application submission.”

So they are still peddling the story that there is some support for this inner city housing scheme on the green gap!  Incredible maybe, but incredibly dangerous certainly. Make sure you add your voice to the already fantastic response there’s been so far by making your comment about the application on SODC’s website. Click here to comment.

Don’t let the truth be drowned out.

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Loud and clear

megaphone2There has been a fantastic response over the weekend with lots of you guys telling SODC what you think of Grainger’s plan to build an inner city style estate on the Green Gap.

But …

We still need more so that the noise is truly deafening.

We have nearly 90 likes on our Facebook page. We need nearly 90 COMMENTS the SODC page. Comment now via this link.

And thank you once again.

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Comment Now!

Comment_nowIf Grainger does not want to hear your views about their inner city style housing scheme for 170 dwellings, then South Oxfordshire District Council certainly does.

As we revealed last week Grainger has asked SODC for a ‘Screening Opinion’. If they are successful it will be a green light for Grainger to submit a Planning Application. This will take them one big bulldozer closer to their ultimate objective. If SODC decide that a serious Environmental Impact Assessment is required we will get what we have been seeking – a proper analysis of the principles of the proposal before we get to the detail of any application.  This will also serve to delay Grainger’s unseemly rush to cash in on this land.  Continue reading

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