Having an impact on the surrounding area

Didcot town council crestThe Leader of Didcot Town Council, Cllr Charles Robertson has pledged to support to the campaign.

Cllr Robertson said last week: “Having met with the developers, I understand their perspective as well as the serious implications this may have by separating the clear boundary between Millbrook and East Hagbourne. Needless to say that Didcot Town Council take note of the good work being carried out to prevent this development from progressing.

While this isn’t within Didcot Town Council boundaries, any development would inevitably have an impact on the surrounding area.  It would be very shortsighted for the Council to show anything other than full support to East Hagbourne Parish Council. When it comes to development, as a community we need to consider the long-term sustainable benefits.  In this case, we need to collectively make a stance.”

We are delighted to have Cllr Robertson’s backing. We are delighted he recognises that this is as much a town issue as a village one. And we are delighted your good work in lobbying our local politicians is paying dividends.

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