Didcot town council meeting 03Last night Didcot Town Council voted unanimously to object to Grainger’s application to build an estate of 170 homes on the Green Gap between Didcot and East Hagbourne.

Councillor Margaret Davies presented a report to the Planning Committee that detailed how “the application does not comply with SODC’s Core Strategy Objective to support the character and distinctiveness of all our towns and villages.” Cllr Davies’ report continued: “This application site would build on the remaining green field separating urban Didcot from the village of East Hagbourne, leading to coalescence and a loss of identity.” She concluded that: “Didcot’s strategic sites already provide for 6,313 homes to 2027 and there is evidence of saturation in the housing market.”

The Green Gap site is actually in the parish of East Hagbourne. East Hagbourne Parish Council has already issued a statement also objecting to the application on policy lead criteria.

These are clear, unequivocal messages and we expect SODC both to take heed of and act on them. Grainger’s scheme is neither wanted by local people nor supported by planning policy.

The consultation remains open. Let’s keep reminding SODC what they must do with the application.

To find out how to object to Grainger’s plans in a way that your voice will be heard click here.

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