dogs on the green gap 6At time of writing there are over 60 strong, articulate and passionate objections posted on SODC’s website.

You have said this scheme is not to plan and unsustainable. You have asked how Didcot’s road infrastructure can cope with this extra burden and expressed your worries about Road Safety. You have pointed out that our primary schools are full. You have asked why Fleet Meadow’s flooding problem will not being fixed. You have also talked about urbanisation, light pollution, lack of economic benefit and the detrimental effect this scale of build will have on East Hagbourne.

This is a great start but we need many more objections to further strengthen our case.

If you have not yet had your say go to the OBJECT page of the website. You will find tips and advice on how to object. You will find links to Grainger’s plans and those SODC policies that conflict with them.

If you have already commented and have more to say then comment again. If you responded to the EIA consultation and think the job is done, it’s not. Please do comment again.

SODC’s deadline for comment on Grainger’s plans is 6th November. Join the chorus and have your say before it is too late.

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