There are 400 plus objections posted to SODC’s website. In fairness there are comments in support of Grainger too. Three of them.

If that’s not impressive enough hear this. You have written well over 140,000 words. That is a long novel’s worth of articulate, referenced and passionate argument that refutes Grainger’s claims to be welcome, sustainable and good for the town and village.

There is no doubting the strength of feeling from both Didcot and East Hagbourne. The community simply does not want to lose its Green Gap.

The official deadline for comments is today 6th November. However, if you still have something to get of your chest get it into the post or onto the SODC website. SODC has promised that within reason late arriving comments will not be ignored.

You may have wondered where is the ‘official’ Mind the Green Gap objection. It was a little too big to upload via the website so SODC are doing that for us. It should be on their site in a day or two. It’s a forensic dissection of Grainger’s faulted proposal and its a good read. It’s here if you fancy some bed time reading – Mind the Green Gap Submission.

Last but definitely not least the Campaign team would like to say thank you. Pat yourselves on the back. What a fantastic response. Well done.

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