Oxfordshire Guardian NovemberNow that the consultation period is over, SODC has gone away to do their thinking. Meanwhile this week’s Oxfordshire Guardian gives them something more to think about. The article calls on SODC to play fair by Didcot. Didcot Town Council make it clear that they expect SODC to listen to Didcot when it comes to Planning matters.

Both Didcot Town Council and East Hagbourne Parish Council has recommended that SODC refuse Grainger’s speculative application. Neither body played the NIMBY card, both used persuasive, well reasoned and undeniable planning reasons.

However, SODC planning committee member Toby Newman is quoted as saying: “I don’t believe there is a fear in the committee at all. We take each application on their own merit; I don’t believe there is any agenda on our part to approve applications based on any fears about developers”. That’s great news, given the total lack of merit in Grainger’s speculative applications, that’s one vote in the bag.

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