The Green Gap

Graham and Sue White’s view of the Green Gap

The Green Gap is not on the agenda for the December Planning Committee meeting.

The next possible date is January 20th.

This gives us a little more to enjoy the view and prepare our approach. In the run up to the meeting we will share some thoughts with the Planning Committee members (we’ll share these with you too). And we will continue to talk with other council members, Officers, and our advisors.  

The Campaign is in a good place, and support continues to grow. But we will make sure the pressure’s kept high. After all, the the Green Gap decision is pivotal for both the community and SODC. SODC has a choice. SODC can choose to keep control of its plans or cede control to speculative developers. A YES for Grainger would be a NO for the council’s emerging plans for Didcot and Science Vale.

We know which way we would vote.

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