cpre logoCPRE has objected once again to Grainger’s speculative application. They have concluded that as Grainger’s new plans do not address the grounds of the original objection, the original objection still stands.

This highlights the cynicism of Grainger’s approach. The new plans are pretty much all about the area around the bridleway and footpath. Yet they have chosen to ignore the Rights of Way Convenor. So there is no reference to the very real, specific and totally reasonable points he made. The changes made by Grainger are token and have been made with the sole intention of buttering butter up SODC’s Landscape Officer in order to impress the Planning Officer.

So CPRE has objected again. Have you?

Take a quick look at your original objection. If Grainger’s new proposals do not address them, tell SODC and refer them to your original objection.

You have until 1st February. Don’t let cynicism carry the day.

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