outlook_March_850In November SODC made public its determination “to help ensure that our residents are protected from speculative development.”

Now they’ve reaffirmed this commitment publically and unambiguously in the new edition of Outlook popping through your letter boxes at this moment.

It commits to “protecting the district” and delivering “the right houses, in the right places, at the right time”. If you are uncertain about what that means, its all detailed in the pages of the Local Plan.

SODC has committed to using “all our powers”. All powers means both Officer’s recommendations for refusal and members voting to refuse at Planning Committee meetings. This is precisely the “Visionary Planning, Brave Planning, Skilled Planning” that we have been championing. This is the unquestionably the most effective way to “fight to make sure inappropriate developments don’t go ahead”.

Housing on the The Green Gap is not in the local Plan. By definition they are the wrong houses, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

For the avoidance of doubt about the issue of timing: at the ongoing appeal at Wallingford, SODC argued the case of ‘prematurity’ in front of the Inspector. SODC made it very clear that it was the wrong time to determine that application, as it would prejudice future planning considerations as they relate to the emerging 2031 plan. Wallingford and East Hagbourne are in the same District, managed by the same LPA and controlled by the same plan. It matters not what the Inspector thought at Wallingford because the LPA is the decision maker in this case.

To say to residents that you will use all powers and then for them not to be used would be unthinkable. All powers commits Officers and Members in equal measure.

SODC has said what it will all do. Now everyone awaits with confidence to witness all of SODC doing what it says.

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