Diary date cancelledThe Green Gap will NOT now be discussed at the Planning Meeting on 27th April.

SODC has said it requires more time to complete the Officer’s report that will be presented to Councillors. SODC are ‘targeting 18th May’. We’ll let you know if and when this firms up.

The April date always did seem a little optimistic.

Grainger’s current access proposal falls well short of OCC’s requirements. SODC’s own Landscape Officer has unequivoably stated that new or additional LVIA work would be required should the proposals at and around the front of the site change materially (which they have). And the shortly to be curtailed bus service voids Grainger’s already dubious Traffic Assessment.

These, and many other unresolved and contended issues in Grainger’s plan surely require them to re-submit their proposal so that the community can again assess its value.

We’ve written to SODC to make clear that now, more than ever, is not the time to wash through Grainger’s speculative proposal.

We’re in extra time but the game is far from over.

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