Last week we applied for what is called Rule 6 status in Grainger’s Appeal against the unanimous refusal by SODC’s Planning Committee of their planning application.

We have done this following encouragement from the legal counsel we took and after consultation with SODC and the Planning Inspectorate – the body who will be managing the appeal process.

This means that your campaign will have equal standing at the Appeal along side SODC against Grainger. No behind closed doors meetings. No five minute time limits. Full disclosure.

However, if we have our chance to question them: they have will have a chance to question us. And they will. Or rather their highly paid, very scary legal team will.

So we’re going to need your help.

Firstly, we would like you to write to the Inspector (there’s information on how to do this on the Object page.) Whilst the Inspector will be reading the previous objections, you can submit ‘new news’.

For example you may wish to convey your experience at the Planning Committee. (You can refresh your memory of this very memorable event by watching the presentations and the Committee’s verdict on our YouTube page.) This will help the Inspector understand that a couple of hundred local people demonstrated their support for the Green Gap and understand better why the Planning Committee refused the application.  You need to get this done by 2nd September.

Secondly, we’re up against some really well funded opponents. We will continue to give our time for free but we will need to call on experts to ensure that our free time is not wasted. Donations are most welcome. We’ll let you know how you can contribute to the fighting fund in the next couple of weeks. Also look out for fund raising events!

Finally, it is looking more and more likely that the Public Inquiry part of the Appeal will take place in January / February next year.

More updates soon.

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