It's been a busy couple of weeks. The three appeal parties – Grainger, SODC and Mind the Green Gap – have shared their Proof of Evidence with the Inspectorate and each other. 

You’ll be pleased to hear there’s no big surprises. The fundamental reasons behind the unanimous refusal of the application are still as valid today as they were in May. Despite their thousands of words Grainger’s scheme remains unwanted, ill-conceived and harmful to town and village alike. 

SODC have promised today (23rd December) that the ‘proofs’ are uploading to their website and will soon be in the public domain. When they are we’ll be sure to share the link with you along with some commentary. You can then judge for yourself if the Appellant has proved their case. 

The Appeal begins on January 10th. We all then get our chance to see off Grainger for good. What a happy new year that will be. 


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