Tuesday 10th January 2017

Today was day one of the Green Gap appeal. 

After opening statements from advocates we heard evidence from SODC’s landscape expert witness Mr. Peter Radmall. He was then cross examined by Grainger’s barrister Mr. James Maurici QC. 

There were no great surprises. SODC said the gap was important. Grainger disagreed. 

Tomorrow morning sees SODC’s planning witness Mr Mark Flood take the stand. 

At around 5pm tomorrow (Wednesday 11th) we expect that ‘interested parties’ will be given a chance to talk. A number of individuals have said they’d like to present their views, including district councillor Jane Murphy, a number of local residents and members of both East Hagbourne Parish Council and Didcot Town Council. Should be good stuff. 

Mind the Green Gap will probably get their moment in the limelight on Thursday. Grainger’s witnesses will 'take the stand' on Friday. 



It’s become clear that time is very tight so start and end times have been amended. The appeal will now kick off at 9am. And run to at least 6pm each day this week. 

Even with this extra time we are told the appeal is very likely to require at least one extra day to complete. When we know when this is, we’ll let you know.

Save the Green Gap! 


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