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Nurton-websiteIn the run up to the holiday period Nurton Developments launched a new website.

However, there’s little cause for celebration. In fact they proclaim “a promotion agreement has been completed in relation to this 24 acre site to the south of Didcot town centre.”

Unlike Grainger, Nurton do not own the site they just have an option based on securing planning permission. Like Grainger they have no idea where their site is. It is, of course, not in Didcot but in the parish of East Hagbourne. Continue reading

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East Hagbourne Pavillion Small

A mob of Grainger’s consultants line up to persuade residents of the virtue of their scheme. East Hagbourne Pavilion, July 2015.

Our local MP Ed Vaizey is ceremonially opening the Pavilion in East Hagbourne at 12.30 this Saturday, 9th January. Our Parish Council friends tell us that all are welcome.

I am sure Ed will be delighted to see such a fine building. Particularly as it’s in the right place, is needed, wanted and planed.

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New-YearThe pun proved irresistible.

However, it is what we need to be in 2016. Resolute. Resolute in reminding the people we elect and the people whose salaries we pay through our taxes that we do not want speculative development on the Green Gap. Resolute in holding both to account. Resolute in making sure we see this through to a happy ending.

As we go into 2016, there’s plenty to be optimistic about. Continue reading

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’Tis the season to be jolly. So let’s celebrate what we have achieved. When Grainger’s plan was announced in July this year there was a chorus of “it’s inevitable”. Planners, politicians, developers and residents alike said there was nothing we could do. But we did do something.

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Perceptual gapIn Grainger’s Landscape and Visual Impact assessment he tells us that “This boundary planting has … been strategically designed to retain a perceived gap between development to the north and south”. Let’s be blunt here. Currently, the gap is no perceptual trompe l’oeil. It is physical. It is real. It is fact. If the existing gap were only “perceptual”, it would perhaps be possible to retain it. It is not. So it isn’t. Continue reading

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Seeking not to find

archaeological survey on the Gap-0090

Ancient Blewburton Hill behind a JCB on the Green Gap

So Grainger is on The Green Gap digging it up. But thankfully they’re not getting in a spot of practice in advance of dumping 170 dwellings here.

They are digging because SODC told them to dig. In their pre-application submission Grainger attempted to have SODC believe Continue reading

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