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Oxfordshire Guardian NovemberNow that the consultation period is over, SODC has gone away to do their thinking. Meanwhile this week’s Oxfordshire Guardian gives them something more to think about. The article calls on SODC to play fair by Didcot. Didcot Town Council make it clear that they expect SODC to listen to Didcot when it comes to Planning matters.

Both Didcot Town Council and East Hagbourne Parish Council has recommended that SODC refuse Grainger’s speculative application. Neither body played the NIMBY card, both used persuasive, well reasoned and undeniable planning reasons. Continue reading

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Here’s the news SODC & Grainger … this is not going to go away

oxfordshire guardian 03The Green Gap has been all over the news this week.

Ed Vaizey MP confirmed unequivocally that he supports our campaign. Thanks Ed.

On the same day Ed talked eloquently on BBC Radio Oxfordshire (from 8 mins) about the point of principal that underpins his views.

ITV Meridian News broadcast a great 2.5 minute film about us and the threat that we fighting. They are keen to keep following our story.

That’s Oxford TV ran a news item too. The Campaign’s Nick Wright tells it like it is – while Grainger’s flimsy retort tells it like it isn’t.

And to top the week off The Oxfordshire Guardian splashed us on the front page.

SODC and Grainger take heed. We are headline news. We are here to stay. We are not going to go away.

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The ideal solution

radioEd Vaizey took questions from Mind the Green Gap on BBC Radio Oxford this morning.

In an answer to our questions he said “The ideal solution for me is to have a local plan that says where houses should go and then to get on and build the houses where we said they should be built”.

We could not agree more Ed.

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Tell the truth

Kids_protestHere’s what Grainger’s John Beresford had to say in today’s Didcot Herald: “The comments received in support and objection are being reviewed, and will form part of the Statement of Community Involvement to be included within a planning application submission.”

So they are still peddling the story that there is some support for this inner city housing scheme on the green gap!  Incredible maybe, but incredibly dangerous certainly. Make sure you add your voice to the already fantastic response there’s been so far by making your comment about the application on SODC’s website. Click here to comment.

Don’t let the truth be drowned out.

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