We are one more important step forward to securing a green future for the Green Gap. 

The Honourable Justice Dove of the High Court has refused Grainger’s request for a Judicial Review of the case. The judgement notice unequivocally supports the Inspector’s reasoning, and it trashes Grainger’s spurious claims of illegality. 

Most importantly it adds a High Court stamp of approval to the Inspector’s contention that despite a lack of housing supply the local plan is a significant material consideration and that weight attached to it is entirely a matter for the decision maker. It sets an important and very timely precedent that will aid those campaigning against Catesby’s and Greenlight’s speculative plans to build estates in East Hagbourne. 

Grainger have 7 days to appeal against this decision and there is still an outside chance that the case will get a full High Court hearing. However, the outlook is increasing bleak for Grainger and increasingly good for those good people who want to see the back of speculators and their ill conceived schemes.

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