We are sorry

question-markWe are totally flabbergasted, flummoxed and other words beginning with F by SODC’s decision and decision making process.

At time of writing, SODC’s website still shows that the EIA consultation period is open and indeed responses (all being objections) are still being posted by concerned residents.

The website says that consideration has yet to take place.

The website says that no decision has taken.

However, it transpires that the decision was taken back on 20th August. 

This is the day after the Officer returned from holiday – so much for consideration then. You can see her report here.

We understand that the EIA is a technical decision for Officers. If that is the case then why the open it up to consultation and invite comment?

And having decided to ask for comment then why then completely and utterly ignore it?

And why continue to ask for comment even though the decision was taken nearly a week ago?

We are sorry that we may have wasted your time by asking you to comment.

We are sorry that SODC’s process is such a mess.

We have written to SODC to ask for an explanation. You might want to do the same. While ironically the comment button still works it may be better to write to your councillor. Their details are here.

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