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Following pressure from campaigners SODC have moved the event from its previous unsuitable venue. Please note too the revised date. 

SODC Planning Committee
Wednesday October 18th, 6pm 
Didcot Civic Hall
Britwell Road
Didcot OX11 7JN

South Oxfordshire Planning Committee have two momentous decisions to make. Both Catesby’s scheme on Park Road and Greeenlight’s scheme opposite East Hagbourne School will be considered on Monday October 9th Wednesday October 18th. 

Both the Red Light Greenlight Campaign and Save Loyd Road Fields Campaign have called for residents to turn out in force. They believe this is an opportunity to show SODC that the people of Didcot and East Hagbourne are united in their opposition to ill conceived speculative development.  

Each decision will have a lasting impact on the future of Didcot and East Hagbourne. This is a tipping point. The council can decide to back these and other speculator’s collective plans to create urban sprawl south of Didcot. Or they can back their own Local Plan and their own Garden Town which seeks to bring forward housing while safeguarding green space as Didcot’s ‘garden’. 

Hundreds of residents have posted official objections to both schemes. Despite this manifest community interest SODC first convened the planning meeting on the other side of the district. Some have said that this is a deliberate attempt to silence local opposition, and only following pressure from both Campaigns did SODC change the date and venue. You might conclude that SODC's actions give even more reason to show them that you care.  

If you oppose these developments please attend the meeting.

If you need a lift please contact the Red Light Greenlight campaign at [email protected]

Red Light Greenlights latest Campaign flyer is here

Save Loyd Road Campaign can be followed in Facebook here. 

The venue is here on Google Maps

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