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’Tis the season to be jolly. So let’s celebrate what we have achieved. When Grainger’s plan was announced in July this year there was a chorus of “it’s inevitable”. Planners, politicians, developers and residents alike said there was nothing we could do. But we did do something.

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Garden Town Concept Map

Greater Didcot Garden Town Concept SODC/VWHDC

So we have found out more about the Greater Didcot Garden Town concept.

Firstly, the overall concept looks to be a good one. It absolutely recognises that there is a huge difference between housing estates and thriving communities. It seeks to recognise and calibrate spaces for housing, jobs, infrastructure, leisure, retail and open green areas. In other words it promises proper planning. Continue reading

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Blandford Map 03

Didcot’s Green Necklace

The Housing and Planning minister, Brandon Lewis MP announced this morning that Didcot is to become Greater Didcot Garden Town. He said this will help with the delivery of infrastructure, 15,000 houses and 20,000 high-tech jobs.

Taken at its word, this is all about balanced, strategic and coordinated planning. It provides SODC with the context and authority to reject speculative development that puts the Garden Town concept at risk. Continue reading

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The Green Gap

Graham and Sue White’s view of the Green Gap

The Green Gap is not on the agenda for the December Planning Committee meeting.

The next possible date is January 20th.

This gives us a little more to enjoy the view and prepare our approach. In the run up to the meeting we will share some thoughts with the Planning Committee members (we’ll share these with you too). And we will continue to talk with other council members, Officers, and our advisors.   Continue reading

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