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The Green Gap appeal hearing begins in less than two weeks. Each party’s case has been published. The battle lines are set.

If you plan to attend, and especially if you plan to speak, please have a look at the Appeal page of the website. You will find notes about the appeal process, and links to evidence documents from Grainger, SODC and the campaign.

Together we can win this battle. Together we can Save the Green Gap.

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It's been a busy couple of weeks. The three appeal parties – Grainger, SODC and Mind the Green Gap – have shared their Proof of Evidence with the Inspectorate and each other. 

You’ll be pleased to hear there’s no big surprises. The fundamental reasons behind the unanimous refusal of the application are still as valid today as they were in May. Despite their thousands of words Grainger’s scheme remains unwanted, ill-conceived and harmful to town and village alike. 

SODC have promised today (23rd December) that the ‘proofs’ are uploading to their website and will soon be in the public domain. When they are we’ll be sure to share the link with you along with some commentary. You can then judge for yourself if the Appellant has proved their case. 

The Appeal begins on January 10th. We all then get our chance to see off Grainger for good. What a happy new year that will be. 


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Last weeks meeting was a success. Around 80 packed the Pavilion to hear about Didcot Garden Town, the Green Gap Appeal and East Hagbourne Neighbourhood Plan. 

Gerry Brough, head of the Didcot Garden Town team presented their emerging plans – it was refreshing to see a planner out of his office and amongst our community. It's true to say we gave Gerry a bit of a bumpy ride as residents robustly challenged why the Garden Town boundary includes a large swathe of East Hagbourne parish. People expressed their concern – the words ‘land grab’ were used. 

After some time Gerry clarified his position. He said the boundary had been drawn to give the Garden Town plan influence over the future of this strategically important area. He went on to say the Garden Town team would be making a representation to the Planning Inspector to set out their view of development on the Green Gap. This pleased the audience. Lets hope it pleases the inspector too. 

Its Gerry’s job to deliver a viable plan. Its our job to hold him and his team to account. To this end please take the time to input your views into their consultation. Let them know what you think. Let them know what you want.

You can give your view here

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