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We need your help to keep the Green Gap green. We’re raising money to help us fight Grainger’s appeal against the unanimous refusal of their application by SODC.

Every £25 we raise will help ‘save’ a little piece of Green Gap. We’re attempting to raise £12,500 in just 4 months to help us save it all.

If you want to know how your money will help, how you can donate, and how much we have raised so far go to the Donate page.

Thank you!

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Last week we applied for what is called Rule 6 status in Grainger’s Appeal against the unanimous refusal by SODC’s Planning Committee of their planning application.

We have done this following encouragement from the legal counsel we took and after consultation with SODC and the Planning Inspectorate – the body who will be managing the appeal process.

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Grainger is appealing against SODC’s decision to refuse its application. The Appeal will be heard by an inspector from the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Some of you will have received notice today from SODC. It mentions how ‘all comments from third parties made during the the application process’ will be passed onto the inspector. With over 600 documents to consider he or she will have plenty of bed time reading to do!

It mentions too that further comments can be made directly to the Inspectorate. There is a tight deadline for this – 2nd September. So over the next few days we will post up some guidance for those of you that wish to comment (not that many of you will need it – you’re all expert by now!).

We’ll also fill you in on how the appeal process works, what timescale we can expect and how most effectively the community can be involved. Please bear with us.

In the meantime please take a look at this general advice and information. Its taken from the Inspectorate website.

Should we be fearful? Not at all. We’ve beaten Grainger once and we can do it again. Bring it on!

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