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Didcot Town Council-045-EditLast night Didcot Town Council Planning Committee voted unanimously to recommend rejection of Grainger’s latest plans.

Now wonder. Not only has Grainger ignored their previous comments they’ve made a bad job worse.

You have a little more time to join DTC and tell SODC how Grainger’s plan is no good. After pressure from the Campaign and elsewhere SODC has extended the consultation.

The deadline is now Monday February 15th.  

Have your say.

(You can see Nick’s presentation to DTC by downloading this PDF.)

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SODC double standardsIt seems SODC has one rule for itself and another for us.

Back in September we asked if Nurton’s threat to the land south of the Grainger’s would be taken into account when assessing Grainger’s application. The answer from Cathie Scotting was “The LPA can only make a decision on the information submitted with the application.”

In other words no. Not relevant. We must pretend Nurton does not exist. Them’s the rules we supposed.

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cpre logoCPRE has objected once again to Grainger’s speculative application. They have concluded that as Grainger’s new plans do not address the grounds of the original objection, the original objection still stands.

This highlights the cynicism of Grainger’s approach. The new plans are pretty much all about the area around the bridleway and footpath. Yet they have chosen to ignore the Rights of Way Convenor. So there is no reference to the very real, specific and totally reasonable points he made. The changes made by Grainger are token and have been made with the sole intention of buttering butter up SODC’s Landscape Officer in order to impress the Planning Officer.

So CPRE has objected again. Have you?

Take a quick look at your original objection. If Grainger’s new proposals do not address them, tell SODC and refer them to your original objection.

You have until 1st February. Don’t let cynicism carry the day.

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insanityWhat is the definition of insanity again? Ah yes, asking the same question twice and expecting a different answer.

So we have a new consultation on The Green Gap.

Unlike Didcot North East where consultees have been given 8 weeks to say whether they would use a community centre, we’ve been given 9 working days (until 1st February) to respond to 12 new technical documents.

Grainger’s revised documentation is here, and their revised plans are here.
You can have your say here.

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Green Gap-148Grainger is re-submitting its application to SODC. This will prompt another round of consultation. The application, therefore, will not come before SODC’s Planning Committee for a number of weeks – perhaps months.

So there is no Council meeting for us in January. 

We are told that Grainger is revising its plans to be compliant with the council’s Landscape Officer’s report. This called for a “green infrastructure link” along the north of the site adjacent to the public footpath. Continue reading

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Nurton-websiteIn the run up to the holiday period Nurton Developments launched a new website.

However, there’s little cause for celebration. In fact they proclaim “a promotion agreement has been completed in relation to this 24 acre site to the south of Didcot town centre.”

Unlike Grainger, Nurton do not own the site they just have an option based on securing planning permission. Like Grainger they have no idea where their site is. It is, of course, not in Didcot but in the parish of East Hagbourne. Continue reading

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East Hagbourne Pavillion Small

A mob of Grainger’s consultants line up to persuade residents of the virtue of their scheme. East Hagbourne Pavilion, July 2015.

Our local MP Ed Vaizey is ceremonially opening the Pavilion in East Hagbourne at 12.30 this Saturday, 9th January. Our Parish Council friends tell us that all are welcome.

I am sure Ed will be delighted to see such a fine building. Particularly as it’s in the right place, is needed, wanted and planed.

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