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Grainger have built a 6ft fence around the Green Gap  The boards on New Road block our precious views but they reveal much. They reveal Grainger PLC’s corporate malice and spite. They reveal it’s executives distain for our community. They reveal how speculator’s motives are base and malevolent. 

Grainger’s Executive Director Nick Jopling slyly claims SODC asked them to ‘secure the land to prevent nuisance’. SODC so far deny all knowledge of this. Through this cynical and disingenuous smoke screen one thing is clear: speculators cannot be trusted. 

Grainger’s friends Catesby and Greenlight face SODC’s Planning Committee on Wednesday 18th October. Come along to Didcot Civic Hall at 6pm. Let’s ‘build a wall’ too. A wall of opposition to speculators treating us with contempt. 

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Following pressure from campaigners SODC have moved the event from its previous unsuitable venue. Please note too the revised date. 

SODC Planning Committee
Wednesday October 18th, 6pm 
Didcot Civic Hall
Britwell Road
Didcot OX11 7JN

South Oxfordshire Planning Committee have two momentous decisions to make. Both Catesby’s scheme on Park Road and Greeenlight’s scheme opposite East Hagbourne School will be considered on Monday October 9th Wednesday October 18th. 

Both the Red Light Greenlight Campaign and Save Loyd Road Fields Campaign have called for residents to turn out in force. They believe this is an opportunity to show SODC that the people of Didcot and East Hagbourne are united in their opposition to ill conceived speculative development.  

Each decision will have a lasting impact on the future of Didcot and East Hagbourne. This is a tipping point. The council can decide to back these and other speculator’s collective plans to create urban sprawl south of Didcot. Or they can back their own Local Plan and their own Garden Town which seeks to bring forward housing while safeguarding green space as Didcot’s ‘garden’. 

Hundreds of residents have posted official objections to both schemes. Despite this manifest community interest SODC first convened the planning meeting on the other side of the district. Some have said that this is a deliberate attempt to silence local opposition, and only following pressure from both Campaigns did SODC change the date and venue. You might conclude that SODC's actions give even more reason to show them that you care.  

If you oppose these developments please attend the meeting.

If you need a lift please contact the Red Light Greenlight campaign at [email protected]

Red Light Greenlights latest Campaign flyer is here

Save Loyd Road Campaign can be followed in Facebook here. 

The venue is here on Google Maps

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SODC’s consultation for Greenlight Development’s 74 units scheme opposite East Hagbourne Primary School is now live on SODC's Planning Portal. The deadline for comment is 16th August 2017. 

Residents have formed the Red Light Greenlight Campaign to oppose the development. Follow progress on the campaign’s Facebook page or get in touch with the campaign chair, Susan Pring

Red Light Greenlight have published some tips on how to respond to SODC's consultation. See their flyer

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[Update: residents are forming a campaign group in opposition to Greenlight's proposal. They are meeting at Hagbourne Village Hall on Friday 14th July at 7.30pm. See flyer here.]

Greenlight Developments has lodged their application for up to 74 units next to Hagbourne Village Hall. It is now live on SODC's Planning Portal. The consultation will begin in the next day or two. 

Greenlight Developments presented their plans to East Hagbourne Parish Council on 22nd June. Attending residents were very vocal and articulate in their objections to the scheme. Traffic volume, road safety worries, and loss of rural landscape were recurrent themes. Since then Greenlight has met with representatives of the school, Village Hall committee and Parish Council. 

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We are one more important step forward to securing a green future for the Green Gap. 

The Honourable Justice Dove of the High Court has refused Grainger’s request for a Judicial Review of the case. The judgement notice unequivocally supports the Inspector’s reasoning, and it trashes Grainger’s spurious claims of illegality. 

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[Update 8th July. The Save Loyd Road Campaign is making great progress in coordinating residents in both town and village. They've lobbied our local politicians, made the press, and have won the support of Didcot Town Council Planning Committee who have objected to the scheme. The Save Loyd Road Campaign website is here. Their Facebook page is here.]

Catesby Estates has made an outline planning application. They propose a 135 unit estate on a field East of Park Road. The field is in East Hagbourne Parish on the Didcot Town boundary. 

As there are multiple speculators in our midst you may be confused what’s (not) planned where. To help you out there’s an map here

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We’re not anti-housing. But we are pro-plan and here’s another development of some concern.

Catesby Estates Ltd. is promoting a scheme in East Hagbourne. It is on the east side of Park Road, south of the Didcot / East Hagbourne Parish boundary (see the location in Google maps). Presently the distinctive ridge and furrow field is sheep grazing pasture. In the future it could be a 135 unit estate. And an estate with a road layout that facilitates further development in adjacent fields. 

The developer has leafletted houses in Didcot and launched a consultation website. You'll find a Design and Access Statement on the site which provides some detail into their proposal. They claim to have already lodged an application with SODC, although non appears to be on SODC’s planning portal. Catesby are not builders and we assume they are promoting the scheme on behalf of a landowner. 

Catesby’s glossy website tells us …

Catesby seeks to interact with local communities as soon as possible within the planning process. Catesby holds meetings, workshops, events and exhibitions with key stakeholders and the public and acknowledges the significant role that they play within the planning process.

Yeah right. Catesby are cynically ignoring the development’s location in East Hagbourne Parish. While folk in East Hagbourne have been ignored they’re entirely free to join their neighbours in Didcot in letting Catesby know what they think. You can do this using the link below. And once the planning application is live you'll be able to tell SODC what you think too.

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We’ve previously said that MtGG will only be involved in Grainger’s court action in the background. This has proved to be only partially true. Today we sent an ‘Acknowledgement of Service’ to the High Court. This informs the court that we are an interested party that has a view on matters. 

The Acknowledgement of Service is an opportunity for us to set out clearly how Grainger’s claims of legal error are unfounded. With the help of our lawyers and the support of the Parish Council we’ve been able to explain how their case is as spurious as the inspector’s judgement is sound. 

This step, you’ll be glad to know, does not commit us to any expensive on-going involvement in court proceedings. Not that we should worry too much. One would hope Grainger’s ridiculous attempt to void fair process will fall at the first hurdle and be thrown out before it gets to a full hearing. 

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