Oxfordshire GuardianYour campaign is the lead story in today’s Oxfordshire Guardian.

Our local politicians line up to remind us that the plan is not to plan. They point out the depth of public feeling in opposition. They explain how Grainger has got quite a fight on his hands.

Grainger’s Mr Beresford helpfully points out that “it is important that everyone has a chance to express their views.” Indeed it is.

268 of the people they asked expressed a view. That view was firmly against this development.

We now have a chance to tell SODC the same thing. Tell them why you do not want to lose the Green Gap. Tell them what is wrong with this scheme. And tell them how Grainger’s plan falls foul of SODC’s planning policies.

There are details on how object and plenty of helpful tips about sound planning argument on the Object page.

Let battle commence. Fire at will.

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