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Residents celebrate at the Fleur de Lys, Sunday 26th March.

It's great to read some good news in the paper. The Didcot Herald ran the story, and we were front page in the Oxfordshire Guardian (it's on their website too). 

In the Guardian we hear from Grainger's John Beresford. He reminds us that "The pressures of delivering housing to meet both demand and housing need were not disputed by any party at the appeal". That's quite right John. We're not against housing, we're against unwanted opportunistic development in unsustainable locations.

We also hear that Grainger will "review and reflect on the decision before discussing with our advisors.” Our advice is to give up with this scheme. It's simply in the wrong place. 

Whatever happens we'd like to raise a toast of thanks to Mr Beresford and his colleagues. We've learnt a lot as a group and community over these last months. We've learnt that if we pull together, hard work and keep focused we can make a difference. 



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