Didcot heraldThe Didcot Allotment Action Group (DAAG) is opposing Didcot Town Council’s plans to sell the town’s allotments.

Like the Green Gap the allotments act as ‘green lungs’ for Didcot and are a valued local amenity. DAAG is doing a great job and in just a few weeks it has made plenty of noise and gained plenty of support.

This week the allotment battle was splashed on the front page of the Didcot Herald. SODC’s council leader John Cotton is quoted. He talks of achieving a ’greener, leafier’ Didcot. So we wrote to John to remind him of very green and very leafy place that, like the allotments, is under serious threat.

Didcot Town Council will decide the fate of the allotments. We hope it listens to the community and does the right thing. SODC is the decision maker for the Green Gap. With visionary, skilled and brave planning they can do the right thing too. They can chuck out Grainger’s ill considered plans.

You can read our letter to John here.

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