OXGUARDIANThe Green Gap is in the news again. This week’s Oxfordshire Guardian features an article about the hundreds of Town and Village residents that have objected to Grainger’s speculative plans. Well done everybody. It’s good to heard.

It’s little wonder that the press remain interested. This is much more than a local issue. It’s about SODC’s credibility.

SODC has made repeated assurances to protect the district from speculative development. It’s unveiled a Garden Town concept that promises a green and pleasant Didcot. And both its own and OCC’s experts have raised serious concerns about Grainger’s plans.

Yet we still have no clear commitment from SODC that it will join us in our fight to save the Green Gap.

We will be writing to our council Officers and senior Members. We’ll remind them how Grainger’s plan is both unsound and unwelcome. We’ll remind them too that only a planning refusal and clear commitment to fight Grainger will leave their credibility intact.

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