We’ve previously said that MtGG will only be involved in Grainger’s court action in the background. This has proved to be only partially true. Today we sent an ‘Acknowledgement of Service’ to the High Court. This informs the court that we are an interested party that has a view on matters. 

The Acknowledgement of Service is an opportunity for us to set out clearly how Grainger’s claims of legal error are unfounded. With the help of our lawyers and the support of the Parish Council we’ve been able to explain how their case is as spurious as the inspector’s judgement is sound. 

This step, you’ll be glad to know, does not commit us to any expensive on-going involvement in court proceedings. Not that we should worry too much. One would hope Grainger’s ridiculous attempt to void fair process will fall at the first hurdle and be thrown out before it gets to a full hearing. 

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