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The Green Gap

Graham and Sue White’s view of the Green Gap

The Green Gap is not on the agenda for the December Planning Committee meeting.

The next possible date is January 20th.

This gives us a little more to enjoy the view and prepare our approach. In the run up to the meeting we will share some thoughts with the Planning Committee members (we’ll share these with you too). And we will continue to talk with other council members, Officers, and our advisors.   Continue reading

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Open Meeting Poster small 2Sunday 18th October 4.30pm,
Hagbourne Village Hall, or

Tuesday 20th October 8pm,
Fleet Meadow Community Hall

Please come along to one of our two short sharp Open Meetings. And please help us publicise them by talking to your neighbours – particularly those who are not online.

We will outline how the consultation process works. We will run through some tips and pointers that will ensure your views cannot be ignored by the council. We will then make ourselves available to answer your questions face-to-face.

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spot-the-differenceWe have talked before about the National Planning Policy Framework. It is a core part of Grainger’s pitch. It is thrown up as smoke screen to hide that their plans fall foul of SODC’s core strategy.

But the NPPF is a fickle friend of Grainger’s. Paragraph 66 of the NPPF states: “Applicants will be expected to work closely with those directly affected by their proposals to evolve designs that take account of the views of the community. Proposals that can demonstrate this in developing the design of the new development should be looked on more favourably.”

Can Grainger demonstrate that they have worked closely with the community? Can their plans be looked on more favourably? Continue reading

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We like consultation even if they don’t

open-meeting-poster-smallWe asked Grainger to extend their so called ‘consultation’ to cover Didcot. They refused.

We challenged SODC about their chaotic ‘consultation’ process. Their response was as confusing as their process.

Unlike these two we think consultation is important. Talking about a huge development on our doorstep is a good thing.

So we are holding an Open Meeting on Monday. To tell the people of Didcot and around what we know. And to find out what they think.

Open Meeting. Monday 7th September. 7.30pm. Fleet Meadow Community Hall.

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Ed’s coming to the gap

Green WelliesEd Vaizey is visiting the Green Gap on Friday 21st August, at 11.30am. He is keen to meet as many concerned residents as possible so please do come along.

This is a chance for you to articulate your concerns to our local MP. I am sure you all have plenty so say – but if you want a reminder of the key points have a look at the Issues page.

It would be great if Ed left with a clear idea of how much we object to Grainger’s plans – and better still if he decides to lend us his support.

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