We spoke – now it is your turn

Didcot Open Meeting-0035-Pano-EditYesterday’s meeting in Fleet Meadow was a great success. Over 100 people from Didcot, East Hagbourne and the wider area packed into the hall to hear what Mind the Green Gap knows about speculative developments in the midst of our communities. 

They heard that we were presenting in Didcot because Grainger refused to do so. They heard about Grainger’s high-density estate and how this is linked to an even bigger development by Nurton Ltd on the land to its South. They heard that the Green Gap is not in SODC’s Plan, but that a shortfall in housing in Didcot has opened up a back door for opportunistic developers. They heard that although the fight is going to be tough it is by no means a done deal. They heard about the planning process and how we all need to persuade SODC’s planners and Councillors of our cause. They heard how the Campaign has hit the ground running with communication tools, media coverage and political support from Ed Vaizey MP. They heard that NOW is the time to act as once building starts the damage cannot be undone.

We all heard a series of eloquent contributions from local residents attending the meeting arguing against development at this location. And by show of hands, we saw a community united 100% against these opportunistic schemes.

And then people heard what they can do to help.

Over the last few weeks many people have written to Ed Vaizey and to Jane Murphy, East Hagbourne’s representative on SODC. As a result both are on our side. It is time now to get SODC’s Didcot Councillor’s similarly engaged. These people represent Didcot on the council.

Bill Service
Tony Harbour
Anthony Dearlove
Margaret Davies
Anthony Nash
Margaret Turner
Alan Thomson

The wards they represent, and their postal addresses can be found on southoxon.gov.uk.

Drop them a line. Let them know what you think.

Please remember that if you say nothing they will assume your silence means yes.

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